VISUAL MODE:  Clarity in Moving People Intelligently

Visual Mode Productions, an applications design consultancy, delivers Web applications that streamline processes and strengthen relationships among people, businesses, channels and communities. We bring more than 20 years of application and UI design experience, specializing in sites and applications that deliver and present timely information in engaging and user-friendly ways, regardless of platform. By blending powerful technology, an unwavering commitment to process efficiency, and an acute sensitivity to end-users, we design elegant solutions aimed at maximizing productivity.

How we think
Whether you're a nascent startup migrating online for the first time, an emerging leader poised for growth, or a recognized industry titan looking for creative ways to boost the bottom line, we understand Web-enabled applications are shaped by the rigorous requirements of those who use them and shouldn't be bogged down with unnecessary technology.

Users deserve maximum functionality without a steep learning curve when they go online to complete tedious tasks, collaborate with constituents or access data. Enterprises want to leverage the Web immediately to boost revenue, curb costs and spur productivity in measurable ways. We nimbly juggle these priorities and align them with business goals, then partner with clients to design a creative yet practical solution that combines a scalable and robust technology framework with intuitive interfaces.

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Project Highlights

SBC Directory Operations

Pacific Bell Directory

Southwestern Bell


Intuit Product Intranet

<table> BUFFET

Horne Entertainment

Application Interface


Web site design

Application design and development

Forms design, simple or complex

Intranet design and re-engineering

Section 508 implementation

Template design and development

Collateral conversion and migration

Graphics design and optimization

Multimedia conversion

Usability analysis

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